At The Antelope we believe that taking care of the planet and its animals is highly important. This is why in June 2019 we switched to being a fully vegan pub.
We found only small changes were required in order to do this: we switched a few of our drinks on tap, bottled drinks & bar snacks to those that do not contain any animal products. Luckily, we found that many of our drinks already did not.
We like the fact that our customers, non-vegan and vegan alike can have a guilt-free experience at our pub, knowing that their carbon footprint is not increased and that no harm has been done to animals in the process.
We also use biodegradable straws, and during bigger events that require plastic cups we use recyclable plastics. We're always looking for more ways to keep improving the business so that we can support the planet, and the beautiful animals that keep the planet alive.