Our priority during this unpredictable time is to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. We ask you to follow these guidelines for your own well-being and the well-being of our staff. Please be patient with our staff during this time as they will be very focused on making sure the ever-changing government guidelines are followed:

Please do not approach the bar at any point.

Our staff will come to your table to take your drinks orders and there are menus placed around the pub for your convenience.


No cash.

We are taking cards only.


First come, first serve.

Our capacity is smaller than we are used to due to safety measures.


Please do not move any of the benches.

They have been placed in the beer garden with social distancing guidelines in mind.


The dance floor is closed and no DJ’s for now.

Along with government guidelines we do have music playing from the jukebox.


Please use the marked one way system for the toilets.

Wheelchair users can use the suitable door for entrance and exit as usual. We ask that there are only 3 people in the men's toilets at one time, and a maximum of 5 people in the women's toilets at one time.